Taffy Maene-Johnson


Executive Director

Taffy Maene-Johnson is an unapologetic champion for social justice, proudly identifying as a Fa’afafine and a Trans woman from Sāmoa. Her unwavering commitment to the queer and trans communities serves as an embodiment of strength and resilience. In her role as the visionary founder and Executive Director of the United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance – Washington (UTOPIA WA), Taffy has dedicated over a decade to the relentless pursuit of LGBTQIA+ rights, dismantling systemic barriers, and fostering an inclusive society. Her tireless efforts have not only established a vital sanctuary for countless Fa’afafine, Māhū, Leitī, Vakasalewalewa, and other Pacific Islander and allies, but also exemplify a steadfast commitment to a more equitable future in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We are in a place now where more and more trans people want to come forward and say, ʻThis is who I amʻ.”

Laverne Cox