Paris Yandall


Operations Director

Paris Yandall was born and raised in the village of Pago Pago, American Samoa and she proudly identifies as Fa’afafine/Suga. Paris holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Chaminade University in Honolulu and comes from Atlanta, Georgia with 10+ years as a Senior Business Manager in the Multi-Family Property Management industry to which she received her C.A.M designation in 2021.

Paris’ biggest accomplishment is being a doting mother to her beautiful daughter, Curtis A. Te’o Yandall proudly named after her sister who identified as a Pasefika Transwoman.

Paris is an avid tennis player who has competed in many state, US Southeastern Sectionals and National competitions, most notably she was part of the American Samoa national tennis team and competed at the 2019 Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa where she garnished a Bronze medal.

Paris has always found solace in her QTPI (Queer Trans Pacific Islander) community and she finds it fitting that this new adventure is a call to serve those who bring her peace and joy.

Oute alofa tele ia te oe.

I love you very much