Mel Utu-Galeaʻi


MANA Program Coordinator

Mel F. Utu-Galea’I Fa’asoa was born in the village of Faleniu in American Samoa & raised in Provo, Utah. A proud child of her loving parents, Tufifogovaatele Utu-Galea’I from the villiage of Faleniui & Autasia Fa’asoa Jr from the village of Pavaiai. Mel was a participant in the youth program of UTOPIA in 2022. She was greatly inspired by the program, and the love and sentiments she received only made her desire other youths to experience the same qualities. She is now fulfilling her aspirations and dreams by working as a Youth Coordinator for UTOPIA Washington. She has been a youth leader since high school, and her main priority was always to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with themselves & others within the community. Mel uses volleyball, Siva Samoa, and video production to express herself. Since her cooperation on January 23, 2023, she is ready to share experiences, support, and resources with our QTBIPOC youths. 

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for our future.

Franklin D Roosevelt