Jovanalynn Timo


Operations Coordinator

Ms. Jovanalynn “Jovi” Timo is a proud fa’afafine who was brought up in the hustling and bustling capital of the exuberant isle of Tutuila. Fearlessly, she navigated through a comfortable yet exhilarating life until, the early 2000’s she whisked away from her stomping grounds of Pago Pago, and threw her eager trans woman of color self in the open range of the Pacific Northwest. Where she began to lay the vibrant foundation for what would soon become her abode away from home. Where friends and acquaintances whose blood, they shared no similarities with, would become her chosen family.Jovi stood in solidarity with her Pasefika trans sisters who pushed forth the relentless agenda of creating safe spaces for all spectrums of a colorful community. Together, their unapologetic efforts ended the first decade of the new millennium with the planting of a hopeful seed of promise. The fruitful tree that grew from this labor of love, has since seen so many absurd barriers melt away into the abyss, while building an endless network of safe spaces under the safe haven that we know now, UTOPIA.Existing as a “street canvas,” painted with striking neon colors of “glitz and glamour,” portraying the adventurous and fearless journey thus far in life. While smudges of nightmarish dark colors spread through the canvas like bruised veins, as if to remind her of the many walls of trials and tribulations she had to pummel through, just to exist authentically. Her journey of enlightenment has led her full circle to the very reason why you are now reading this. In hopes that as a Community Care Program Coordinator at UTOPIA WA, she will not only continue to water the seed she helped plant years ago but also motivate the many other spectrums of our most colorful community to join in as well. While her heart is full of thanksgiving and happiness beyond her wildest dreams, her body and soul burn with an undaunted flame to continue this work……unapologetically.

If people can learn to hate they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it’s opposite.

Nelson Mandela