Everly Faleafine


SPEaC change Program Manager

Everly- Moey Faleafine comes to us with a sound mind, body and soul. She was born and raised in the islands of Tutuila, American Samoa. Everly known to many as Moey began her journey as a Samoan fa’afafine while in grade school. Breaking boundaries, defying underlying transphobia, and being unapologetically rooted to her gender identity- fa’afafine. Everly earned her Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts at the American Samoa Community College and decided to pursue a teaching career thereafter. American Samoa has the highest number of Trans teachers in the nation, dedicated to scholastic student achievements. As passionate as she was with educating our future generation, it was also her commitment to helping her mom. After serving 7 years in the department of education, she decided it was time to explore other options. She then moved to the state of Washington in hopes to continue her education and to be a part of the rippling effects trans folx have in the essence of justice and equity. Everly started working for McGee Air Services at SeaTac International Airport where she learned a thing or two about being vigilant and growth. More so she has been instrumental in bringing about awareness of Trans visibility, she joined the UTOPIA Washington Tautua Leadership Cohort program to enhance her skills and knowledge on ways to become proactive as a Queer Trans Pacific Islander. Most recently, she has joined our organization at UTOPIA Washington as a Cultural Program Coordinator. Where she will work hand in hand with the Cultural Stewardship team to create safe and sacred spaces for our QTPI community to thrive in their cultural heritage.

She was unstoppable not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.

Beau Taplin