Donato Fatuesi


Finance Director

Donato Fatuesi is a former volunteer of UTOPIA Washington, who through years of dedicated service now serves as Finance Director. A Fa’afafine of Tutuila and Leiti of Tonga, Donato is passionate about growing and developing Trans leadership every day. In her free time, Donato utilizes her years of administrative support and accounting to mentor new and emerging entrepreneurs on business operations. A lover of theater and performing arts, Donato has played many roles, but her absolute favorite is that of #ProudAuntie to many village kids. A fun fact is that Donato is the voiceover actor of Quincy Blueburger on Lego: Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch!

Donato finds inspiration through the individual stories of others by building connections and learning about their hopes and dreams and finding ways to support them in their journey.

I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it.


Donato Fatuesi is also the voice actress of Quincy Blueburger in LEGO Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch.