Agaiotupu Viena


Community Capacity Director

Agaiotupu Viena is an unapologetic fa’afafine and trans woman from Samoa I Sasa’e. She is a fa’afafineist, descendant of celestial navigators, cat mama, and lover of all things Pasifika. Agaiotupu works as the Community Capacity Director of UTOPIA Washington after 10 years on the Board, serving as the Co-Chair for majority of her time. Since 2018, Agaiotupu has been organizing with the national Trans Agenda for Liberation (TA4L) Coalition and contributed to the creation of the TA4L community-led guide addressing urgent political, legal, and social violence enacted against our communities. She brings years of experience in sex worker advocacy and fights to fully decriminalize sex work, drug use, migrant status, HIV status, poverty at all levels of government through DecrimWA, national and regional gender messaging research in collaboration with Transgender Law Center through her work as the former Director of TRANSformCulture at Pride Foundation.

Since 2020, Agaiotupu co-chairs the first ever Washington State LGBTQ Commission and is a core team organizer /co-founder for the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network, which provides wrap-around support and low to no-barrier funds to Black and Brown trans women and femmes in Washington. She fights like hell for the body sovereignty of sex workers and sovereignty for all life including the land that provides for us; through policy and systems change, narrative shifts, and generative conflict rooted in love and deep care that grows us as people. Seeing trans people in love, starting families, thriving, and traveling the world brings her joy

Your intuition is your connection to the ancestors. Trust and tend to it. Supremacy in all forms succeeds when that connection is severed.

Agaiotupu Viena