Adrianna Suluai


SPEaC Change Program Director

Adrianna is an unapologetic Faʻafafine who made way to the great pacific northwest in 2003 in search of better opportunities. At this time there was no support or space that can help foster her in becoming the woman she felt she was. This is why UTOPIA and its work is extremely important to her. Being a part of its inception in 2009, she is no stranger to the work at UTOPIA. She aims to bring her lived experience with sex work and her background in direct support services to help meet the needs of community. In her free time, she takes to the virtual world in her competitive mode with other LGBTQI+ communities around the world. Her passion fuels her to keep pushing the norm barriers to ensure a better future for her QTPI community.

O le upega tautau, ‘ae fagota.

Never give up, if you donʻt get it the first time, try and try again.