Sex Work is Work

#HeauxIntel is a public education campaign that focuses on the occupational safety and health of sex workers.

At SWEI, our #HeauxIntel public education initiative adds to the history and legacy of black and brown trans women and femmes who’ve led the fight for sex worker rights and safety. We honor their brilliance by lifting up the history of the #SexWorkIsWork Campaign and acknowledging that history as a catalyst for many public education initiatives such as SWEI’s Heaux Intel. #HeauxIntel creates content and training materials with the intent to educate, prioritize, and empower Sex Workers. Training materials and our Shalimar toolkits uses culturally appropriate tools and language provided for and by Sex Workers. The project will touch on several topics that will help unlearn, reshape, and destigmatize the way we think of Sex Work. Join the SWEI Team in elevating the way we support and learn from trans women of color navigating life as former and current sex workers.  

This is Sex Work video

Talanoa: Occupational Health and Safety of Sex Workers