Care Work

Care Work focuses on providing care that honors all of the intersections that a person holds understanding that as QTBIPOC people, we aren‘t just queer on Monday, Pasifika on Tuesday, we are all of those things at all times. We know that care work isn’t restricted to a 9am-5pm work day.

As QTBIPOC people, care work is community showing up for each other and we’ve always done care work out of deep care and love for one another in formal and informal ways.  

At UTOPIA, we aim to provide a model of care that centers the autonomy of community members to make the best decisions for themselves. We are here to assist you in developing a plan that supports your overall well-being, goals, and other aspects of life you value.  

  • Health resources 
  • Legal assistance 
  • Food resources 
  • Safety and harm reduction strategies 
  • Housing resources 
  • HIV/STI prevention resources 
  • Prep Navigation 
  • Peer support  

If you are interested in immediate and long-term care with UTOPIA, please fill out the form below. You can also give us a call at 253-478-3941.