SWEI is initiative focused on culture change through public education, decriminalization policy and systems change, and community care to create real safety for QTBIPOC, gender diverse, intersex sex workers.

Sex Work is Work #HeauxIntel

#HeauxIntel is a public education campaign that focuses on the occupational safety and health of Sex Workers.

Street and Community Outreach

We provide resources to our community engaging in indoor-sex work. We identified that our trans, gender diverse and intersex communities need resources with tools to promote safety and welfare in their area of work.

Care Work

Care Work focuses on providing care that honors all of the intersections that a person holds understanding that as QTBIPOC people, we aren‘t just queer on Monday, Pasifika on Tuesday, we are all of those things at all times.

TransAction Support Group

TransAction is a support/social group for Trans, Gender diverse folks, especially current and former sex workers.

Shalimar Sex Worker Toolkit

The Shalimar Sex Worker Toolkit provides Sex Workers in our communities the tools and resources to keep themselves and others safe. Toolkit is only available to those who are Sex Workers.

Support a Sex Worker Registry

SWEI needs your support. If you are interested in supporting a Community Member in the Sex Work Industry, please consider purchasing one or more items off our Amazon Registry.

Looking for support?

Please take a moment to fill out a Support Request Form and a member of our team be in contact.