Sex Workers Empowerment Initiative – SWEI

SWEI focuses on the urgent needs of Queer and Trans Pacific Islander and others whose safety and well-being are jeopardized by their work in the sex industry due to criminalization, stigmatization, and the structural marginalization of sex workers.

Sex Work is Work Campaign

We are pro sex work. We aim to provide the much needed Sex Work Education to our community members and allies to unlearn stigma attached to Sex Work, the language and history.

Street Outreach

UTOPIA Washington has on going outreach through providing care packages to community members who are in need of PPE supplies, contraceptives, home HIV testing kits, self defense supplies and so much more. Once a month you’ll find our Community organizers and volunteers providing these needed resources out on the streets at various locations.

Tweetie helps a comunity member on the computer. Both are sitting at a wide tan desk with 2 computer monitors infront of them.

Amending Legal Documents

Let our case managers assist you with amending legal documents. We understand that this process can be not only difficult to navigate, but time consuming and stressful. We hope to ease that burden and stress off of you with resources that we have.

TransAction Support Group

TransAction is a support and social group for Queer, Trans and Gender Diverse folks who are currently or former Sex Workers. Held every third Tuesday, we aim to provide folks with a safe space to engage in topical discussions relating to their life and work. Discussions include, safety, decriminalizing and destigmatizing sex work, legal assistance, know your rights training and much more. For more information, please reach out to

Case Management

Let our case managers help cultivate a pathway right for you. We understand that navigating resources and support can be challenging. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Looking for support?

Please take a moment to fill out a Support Request Form and a member of our team be in contact.