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Your partnership will make a large impact to ensure that UTOPIA Washington can continue and expand its work to protect our vulnerable populations. Also, provide information to hundreds of LGBTQIA+ communities in Washington State on health and safety resources, to help create an environment where QTPI individuals and other LGBTQI+ individuals cannot only survive but thrive. Our broader advocacy and education efforts work toward ensuring that the next generation will not have to face the same barriers and discrimination that we have encountered.

Creating Change is the largest annual LGBTQIA+ convention that provides so many great workshops and resources for non-profits like UTOPIA. Attending this convention will mean that we will be equipped to provide the best and most updated service to our community. Would you help UTOPIA and make a meaningful contribution to our fundraiser so that we can attend Creating Change? Every bit helps! Even a like and a share can go a long way! Thank you so much!