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Sex Worker Empowerment Initiative

Sex Workers Empowerment Initiative (SWEI) focuses on the urgent needs of Queer and Trans Pacific Islanders (QTPI) and others whose safety and well-being are jeopardized by their work in the sex industry due to criminalization, stigma, and the structural marginalization of sex workers, transgender persons and people of color. This work is driven by the experiences of community members who identify as transgender people of color including but not limited to Pasifika Cultural Identities. SWEI provides a healing space and serves as a trusted culturally aligned resource for QTPI to access HIV prevention resources, health resources, housing, other essential services and a caring community.


Case Management


We provide individualized case management to Queer and Trans Folks with lived experience in sex work. Our person centered and wholistic approach aims to improve health, wellness and autonomy of our community members through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources, and facilitation of service.

Case Management is provided by Queer and Trans People of Color who are committed to creating a safe space where our communities can heal and be able to thrive.

For more information on case management or if you wish to enroll, please contact us using the following:

Adrianna Suluai

Community Engagement Coordinator

Email: adrianna@utopiawa.org

Telephone: (206) 653-1936

Tepatasi Vaina

Program Director

Email: tepa@utopiawa.org

Telephone: (206) 653-1941

TransAction Support Group


TransAction is a support group for Trans, Gender Diverse folks, especially current and former sex workers. It is held every 3rd Tuesday of every month. TransAction serves to provide Trans & Gender Diverse folks a safe space to engage in topical discussions relating to their life and/or work.TransAction promotes and values confidentiality regarding all interactions within the group


Discussions include topics such as:

  • Safety & Self Care
  • Decriminalization and Destigmatization of Sex Work
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • Legal Assistance
  • Employment & Housing


Due to COVID-19, our support group is being held virtually on zoon. Please fill out our sign up form to receive zoom information to attend.


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Sexual Health Services


HIV/STI Clinic

We offer HIV/STI testing on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 1PM to 5PM, by appointment only. We aim to raise awareness around HIV/STI and provide testing so that you are aware of your status. Please sign up with your information (alias is ok if you prefer to be anonymous) if you would like to set up an appointment.


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PrEP Clinic

We conduct a PrEP clinic on the 4th Wednesday of every month. PrEPstads for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and it is a once-daily pill regimen that can help you stay HIV-negative. If you would like to sign up for an appointment please click below to complete the form and someone from our team will be in contact with you.


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Street Outreach


Our Street Outreach aims to provide Queer and Trans Folks engaged in sex work with HIV prevention resources as well as other harm reduction supplies. Our team conducts street outreach on Aurora Avenue, Pacific Avenue, Capitol Hill and even in the homes of our community members with their consent.

We also distribute Care Packages only available to Trans & Gender Diverse BIPOC sex workers that include PPE, make up by Thrive Causemetics and safe sex kits.

To receive a care package please click below and fill out a request form.

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New Possibilities Gender Affirming Closet


Looking for an ensemble for an interview or special occasion?

New Possibilities Gender Affirming Closet is a safe space for Queer and Trans folks to find free New or Gently Used clothes for a job interview, first day on the job or other special occasion. To sign up for this resource please fill out a request form below.

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This project is sustained by donations from community. If you would like to support or donate to our New Possibilities Gender Affirming Closet please contact us:


Email: mail@utopiawa.org

Telephone: (253) 478-3941

Amending Legal Documents


This service focuses on providing assistance to Trans & Gender Non-Conforming individuals to:



To request this assistance, please contact:

Adrianna Suluai

Community Engagement Coordinator

Email: adrianna@utopiawa.org

Telephone:  (206) 653-1936

Sex Work Is Work


Sex Work is Work is UTOPIA Washington’s campaign focused on improving the safety and welfare of persons with lived experience in the sex trade by focusing on public education, safety & healing, and advocacy for policy and practices grounded in community priorities. Activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Create and Implement “Shalimar Sex Workers Toolkit”
    1. Toolkit for Sex Workers equipped with harm reduction strategies and resources
    2. Toolkit for frontline personnel and providers who interface with sex workers
    3. Toolkit to assist organizations and groups on how to support sex workers and be a trusted partner.
  2. Sex Worker Story Collection
    1. Collecting & Archiving real stories from Trans & Gender Diverse Sex Workers on their experiences navigating sex work and how the stigma and criminalization of sex work impacts them
  3. Public Education and Advocacy for Decriminalizing Sex Work.