Miss Island Goddess

2023 Contestant Packet

2023 Contestant Packet

Miss Island Goddess 2023 Contestant Registration is closed

Miss Island Goddess 2023

Dear Contestant,

Enclosed is the application for contestants to our 10th Annual Miss Island Goddess (formerly Miss UTOPIA International) beauty pageant. We ask you to read it thoroughly so you will understand the necessary information that the pageant committee needs from you.

In addition to the contestant information, we have also included the list of regulations, which govern and protect the integrity of our pageant.

Your assistance and cooperation will make our committee’s work less stressful and our project successful. The due date to turn in your application will be Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

We look forward to having a lot of fun together with you as well as your sponsors and family.

Thank you!

Taffy Johnson

Executive Director

Rules & Regulations

  • To qualify, contestants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • A non-refundable entry fee of $200 must accompany the attached Miss Island Goddess application no later than Friday, February 3rd, 2023.
  • Contestants must attend rehearsal the Friday, March 10th before the pageant from 7:00pm – 11:00pm; if you are late, you will be automatically contestant #1.
  • The Venue will be open to contestants and 2 assistants ONLY the day of the event. Your assistants will be given backstage passes and must be worn at all times.
    *Dancers or human props are not permitted backstage until just prior to talent division and must leave immediately upon changing. A five (5) point deduction will be taken for each violation, should more than two (2) people be assisting you at one time. Backstage areas are limited to contestants and assistants only.
  • Contestants are responsible for clearing your station prior to leaving the premises. All stage props must be removed from the property after the pageant.
  • Contestants are required to be backstage and pageant-ready by 5:00pm. A ten (10) point deduction will be taken from your overall score should you be late.
  • Contestants will be judged on a point system totaling 300 points per judge.
  • Contestants will be judged in five (5) categories:
    • Swim Wear
    • Talent
    • National Wear
    • Evening Wear
    • Q&A
  • If a tie should occur, the higher talent score will be the winning contestant.
  • Anyone (contestant or dresser and talent participants) caught tampering with other contestant’s property will be automatically disqualified and escorted off premises. No monies will be refunded.
  • Anyone (contestant or dresser and talent participants) caught in the act of being intoxicated will be disqualified and removed from the premises immediately. No monies will be refunded.
  • UTOPIA reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter not covered by these rules and regulations.
  • UTOPIA will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal property, nor do we claim any responsibility for any injuries while competing in the pageant. We highly suggest your assistants stay behind to watch your belongings while you are on stage.


I. Swim Wear            Envision yourself living in paradise enjoying a life of tropical splash, sea breezing, and white sandy beaches. What would you wear on your dream fantasy Island? This will be your concept for creativity and fashion. Choice of color(s) is open. Contestants will be judged on modeling ability/stage presence, personality, poise & posture, and overall presentation.

*Restrictions: Must be a swim wear (2 piece or full). Absolutely no sarongs. No pasties, no lingerie. Swim wear and not a costume. Props are acceptable but not required.

Time limit: 2 minutes max on stage. Music will be provided by stage manager

II. Talent        Any type of Talent presentation is acceptable except those that may cause injury to the audience. Absolutely no fire, excessive water or glitter/confetti, live animals may be used. Full-body nudity is prohibited but pasties and thong are acceptable. This will be your only chance to showcase that spirit to WOW the audience, so give it all you got!

Contestants will be judged on choreography, entertainment value, attire, and overall presentation.

*Restrictions: Contestants are asked to be responsible for breakdown and cleanup. No prop or clothing to be left on stage. Back-up dancers are permitted backstage no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes prior to performance. Dancers MUST immediately exit backstage upon completion.

Time limit: 6 minutes max on stage. Music: Contestants are to provide their own music. A copy must be submitted a week prior.

III. National Wear     The sky is the limit in this category. Here the contestants will be judged on how creative they can be in producing a national costume. Contestants are asked to display an authentic costume that best represents the culture of their country of choice. This look can be representative of the culture, a story, landmark, or anything that is significant to that country. Contestants will be judged on originality, design/attire, fitting, and overall presentation.

*Restrictions: Contestants are asked to be responsible for breakdown and cleanup of your props. No prop or clothing to be left on stage or at auditorium.

Time limit: 3 minutes max on stage

Music: Contestants are to provide their own music. A copy must be submitted week prior.

IV. Evening Wear     Showcasing contestants in their interpretation of elegance, grace & glamour. Contestants will be judged on poise & posture/stage presence, glamour & grooming, attire, and overall presentation.

*Restrictions: No piece of clothing is to be left on stage. You may have an escort but must exit stage after.

Time limit: Contestants are to provide their own music. A copy must be submitted at rehearsal day.

V. Q&A          This is your chance to highlight the issues affecting the 2SLGBTQI+ and indigenous communities.

If crowned Miss Island Goddess, there are certain duties and expectations that are required to fulfill your reign. Your $3,000 earnings as Miss Island Goddess depends on your accomplishments.

  • UTOPIA reigning Miss Island Goddess will receive a portion of the cash award night of the crowning and the balance at step down. You will receive $2,000 the night of the pageant and $1000 upon step-down (if all duties have been met or approved by the board)
  • UTOPIA reigning Miss Island Goddess is responsible for crowns and sash. Please keep neat and clean. If lost, stolen, or broken while in your possession. You are responsible for replacement.
  • UTOPIA reigning Miss Island Goddess will be asked to participate in Pride events; and may be asked to attend other UTOPIA functions and events (optional).
  • UTOPIA reigning Miss Island Goddess will be required to perform 40 hours of community service and one fundraiser donated to UTOPIA Washington.
  • UTOPIA reigning Miss Island Goddess will help with fundraisers for the following yearʻs pageant.
  • As Miss Island Goddess, you are expected to uphold yourself with the highest degree of dignity, respect, and promote yourself, your title, the community, and UTOPIA Washington positively in your community.

Prize Package

  • Miss Island Goddess 2023
    • $3,000 with official Crown & Banner – will receive $2,000 the night of and $1,000 upon step-down (if all duties have been met or approved by the organization).
  • 1st runner-up
    • $1,500 plus plaque/bouquet
  • 2nd runner-up
    • $1,000 plus plaque/bouquet

Trophies will also be provided to the winner of the following individual category:

  • Best Swim Wear
  • Best Talent
  • Best National Wear
  • Best Evening Wear
  • Q&A

With an additional trophy to be awarded to the winner of Miss Photogenic

Agreement: (to be signed in link found at the top and bottom of page)

I, _____________________________ (applicant name) wish to compete in the Miss Island Goddess pageant and therefore agree to the following:

To the best of my knowledge, I have provided accurate information on the application form. I understand the Rules and Regulations as stated on this application form and agree to abide by them.

I understand my acceptance as a contestant is solely at the discretion of UTOPIA Washington and its members.

I understand that the application/membership fee due with this application is non-refundable.

I agree that the results will be final and cannot be used for litigation purposes.

I agree to release my photo and moving pictures rights to UTOPIA Washington. I also understand that this release is available to anyone who would like to use photos that contain images of me. I agree to make no legal or financial claims for such usage.

I also agree to release UTOPIA Washington and its associated entities in this production of liability for any stolen properties, or injury that I may incur.

Contestant Signature                                                            Date

(Make check payable to “UTOPIA Washington”)

Return Application and $200 Registration Fee by February 3rd, 2023, to:

UTOPIA Washington

841 Central Ave N, Ste C-106

Kent WA 98032

missislandgodess@utopiawa.org | www.utopiawa.org