Unveiling UTOPIA Washington’s MANAFest™ – A Celebration Rooted in Purpose, Mission, and Legacy!

Dear Beloved Community,

It is with great excitement that we introduce UTOPIA Washington’s MANAFest™ —an embodiment of our core beliefs, mission, and the collective legacy we have built together. MANAFest™ is not just a celebration; it is a manifestation of our commitment to creating ecosystems of care and safety for our communities through Black and Brown organizing, prioritizing land and bodily autonomy, and reclaiming our cultural narratives. It is a celebration of our journey, our commitment, and our shared vision for a world free from oppression.

In 2022, during our Strategic Planning Retreat, we crafted the MANAfesto – a testament to our core beliefs driving our purpose and mission. Rooted in principled struggle, sustainability through connection to community and land, intersectional experiential and cultural knowledge, and agency with urgency, this MANAfesto guides our pledge to replacing systems of oppression with ecosystems of care. Recognizing its potential, UTOPIA WA took a forward-thinking step by officially trademarking MANAFest™ with the State of Washington on August 12, 2023.

Come, be a part of MANAFest™ 2024, as we transform our MANAfesto into a vibrant reality, weaving together our stories, our history, mission, and vision into a fabric of cultural celebration and communal empowerment.

MANAFest Week of Cultural Events

MANA Mai Lagi

July 28, 2024

Acknowledges the sacred power gifted to us from the heavens. We honor this power by adopting a Samoan proverbial phrase: “Momoli la’au i foga’a” that simply means to give praise and gratitude to the source of all living things. We invite you to join us for an evening of spiritual empowerment and divine healing through the art of music. Together, let us set the tone for an unforgettable week and embrace the spirit of MANAFest™ by way of MANA Mai Lagi.

Cost: Free

Location: TBA


July 29, 2024

“O le faiva o alofi lima” speaks to the detailed work that is brought to life and “MANAFested” by our hands. “MANA Arts & Fashion Indigenous Narratives Exhibit” simply known as MĀFINE, is a celebration of artistic expression and creative versatility. This exhibit highlights the inspiration and artistic finesse that is found in the meticulous work of our hands. MĀFINE honors the history of Tagata Moana by reclaiming our stories and centering our stories and cultural narratives through various forms of art and fashion.

Cost: Free

Location: TBA

Taste of MANA

July 31, 2024

Delight your senses with the Taste of MANA, an exploration of culinary delights from diverse Indigenous backgrounds. This journey will not only satisfy your taste buds but also celebrate the cultural richness of our community.

Cost: Free

Location: 812 Central Ave N. Kent, WA 98032


August 3, 2024

“MANA OLA” is defined as the divine power that dwells in the spirit of every living creature. MANAOLA is a cultural celebration of our collective power as tagata moana, tangata whenua, kanaka maoli or people of the land. Every year we look to take you on a journey throughout the pacific to experience the living MANA or MANA OLA of our people, the land and culture. This year we invite you to experience the MANA Ola of the Islands of Samoa. 

Afio mai ma tala mai a’ao, on Saturday, August 3rd, at Muckleshoot Casino Resort, in honor of UTOPIA WA’s 15th anniversary to celebrate MANA OLA. 

Tickets: Coming Soon

Location: Muckleshoot Casino Resort


August 8-11, 2024

Join us for the highly anticipated UTOPIA QTPI Camp 2024, building on the success of last year’s UTOPIA QTPI Camp. As we continue our journey of unity, empowerment, and cultural celebration, this year’s camp promises an even more enriching experience.

Registration: Coming Soon

Cost: Free

Location: Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center