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UTOPIA LŪ’AU is our signature gala celebrating Indigenous Pasifika Queer and Trans youth, adults, and families in Washington. Due to the global pandemic, we have transformed this event to become UTOPIA Washington’s Virtual In-Lieu’au! You’ll experience Island custom first-hand from authentic Island food and music to traditional Island hula and siva. With your support, UTOPIA will continue to meet the needs of our youth and communities. Every day we see the smiles on faces, the spark of imagination, the anger at injustice, and the determination to make the world a better place. UTOPIA is dedicated to providing a sacred, welcoming space to those in need.


Your partnership will make a large impact – from ensuring that UTOPIA can continue and expand its work to protect our vulnerable populations, provide information to hundreds of LGBTQI+ community in South King County and Pierce County on health and safety resources, help create an environment where QTPI individuals and other LGBTQI individuals cannot only survive but thrive. Our broader advocacy and education efforts work toward ensuring that the next generation will not have to face the same barriers and discrimination that we’ve encountered.



To help us reach our fundraising goal of $35,000, UTOPIA Washington is asking for donations because we need your support. We are building a community and creating safe spaces where our community members can thrive and be able to express themselves the way they deserve to. To help continue the work, it takes a lot of resources to do that and we need your help.

Would you please help support UTOPIA Washington by donating today? We have some suggestions on how much you can give.


UTOPIA Washington is launching a trans leadership cohort consisted of 15 Trans Pacific Islanders. This cohort focuses on advocacy, facilitation skills for Trans Pacific Islanders who are invested in community organizing and policy changes. It is a safe space where Trans Pacific Islander leaders are seen, supported, and given the opportunity to practice new skills to support their community. Would anyone like to give $1500 to invest in the leadership of our community? We know that it is a big amount, so if you would like, you may also do a payment plan of $125 each month for 12 months.


Since the COVID 19 outbreak began in the state of Washington, UTOPIA Washington assisted over 96 Queer, Trans and Gender Diverse Pacific Islanders in the month of April alone by providing financial assistance to help with the financial setbacks our community is experiencing. We will continue to provide that financial assistance until we are no longer able to do so, that number has grown. We know that our community needs help and they are counting on us. Would you donate $960 so that that we can continue providing this type of support and helping QTPI in Washington when and where they are in need? Or if you would like, we could set up a payment plan of $80 per month for a whole year to donate that total amount.


We have 5 months until the major election in November of this year. Our community organizing staff has been working hard to make sure that our community members are registered to vote and encouraged to make their votes count on election day. For us to make progress in our work it is important for us to ensure our voices are heard in this election. Would you like to donate $500 to help our staff engage our community to vote? We could also set up a monthly payment of $50 so you would be able to donate a total of $500 for 10 months.


UTOPIA Washington has helped more than 200 Trans and Gender Non-Conforming folx to legally amend their documents so that they are representative of who they truly are. From hosting legal clinics with free access to physicians and attorneys to providing comfort and emotional support by walking with them through the process, 200 plus folx are even happier and healthier today. Please help us continue providing this necessary service to our community by donating $200. Or we can set up a payment arrangement of $20 for 10 months to donate a total of $200.



The debut episode of our “Virtual in-Lieu’au,” themed: Celebrating Pasifika Expressions. Hosted by the regal Arrianna Princess Auva’a, this episode features spoken word poetry by William Nu’utupu Giles, music and kelaguen by So’le Celestial, more music by Izik, and a Hula number by Tatiana Ka’uhane. Enjoy!

Part 2

For your viewing, the second episode of our “Virtual in-Lieu’au.” This episode features music by Manusamoa Henry Sataraka, Del La Renta Tunupopo, spoken word poetry by Chris Emory, and Siva Samoa numbers by the Lanuola Dance Group.

Part 3

The third installment of our “Virtaul in-Lieu’au” kicks off with a musical number by Manusamoa Henry Sataraka & Del La Renta Tunupopo, a mouthwatering garlic chicken plate from Sweety’s Catering, then music by Morgan Britt, an empanada recipe by Neo Veavea, poetry by Amao Leota Lu, a coconut shrimp curry recipe by Diana, and topped off with a moving rendition of Hawai’i ’78. Enjoy.


Finally, the Finale! Our “Virtual in-Lieu’au” concludes with another powerhouse line-up. ‘Oli and hula by ‘Aukai La’amaikahiki & Ka’aumoana Ahina, an oxtail kadun’ pika recipe by Santino Camacho, more delicious island foods by Adrian Diaz and Jade MaeMackie, siva numbers by Ruby J. Fuala’au, and finally a nostalgic medley by the one and only Miriam “Sam” Samuelu. Thank you for joining us this year, and making this in-Lieu’au happen. All thanks to our gracious supporters and sponsors.