Through our partner, Living Well Kent, we have a quarter acre of farmland that we hope will not only provide culturally appropriate produce to communities, but to cultivate, foster, and strengthen all our connection to the land and its ecosystem of care.

It’s farming season and UTOPIA Washington is looking to recruit volunteers who have a special interest in agriculture and farming!

Through the generosity of Living Well Kent, our quarter acre of farmland will allow us to not only cultivate the lands and root us in our traditions, but it will also provide culturally appropriate produce to our communities.

We recognize that it is no easy feat to care for the lands. We are reaching to recruit the help of volunteers in cultivating, spreading compost, transplanting and caring for seedlings, growing new seeds and also transferring water from the nearby well. 

If you are looking to re-connect with the land or have an interest in agriculture and farming, please sign up using the link below!