“We are all part of the Climate Solution”

Climate change impacts is widely spread affecting the most vulnerable indigenous communities in the Pacific. These communities continue to face impacts ranging from salt water intrusion through rising sea levels to drastic climate variability in weather patterns. All these impacts affect food security, integrity of infrastructure and overall quality of life. In an effort to join the indigenous call for climate action, Malama i Ka Aina initiates the action internally starting from within our workplace environment. 

By instituting what may seem to be minuscule, it is the goal that the action starting at a small-scale will likely produce results that can be viewed as valuable for the call to climate action. This initiative consists of a proactive approach to shifting daily behaviors from what is normative to one that is more conscientious of climate change impacts. It encourages staff commitment thus ensuring we are held accountable for our choices in which will determine how our choices contributes to the global scale of climate instability. UTOPIA Washington believes for us to grow as a community and maintain a functional livelihood, it starts by working from within our homes, our foundation, our cultural place of refuge.

Mālama I ka ʻĀina introduces the “EverGreen” project. A sustainable green initiative that consists of environmentally friendly practices from adequate waste management to being environmentally conscientious of everyday product use. UTOPIA Washington believes in a safe and sacred healthy environment and going Green with EverGreen will equate to one less harm done to our earth.  

UTOPIA Washington has gone paperless and have digitized most of our office documents, including our business cards. We have opted to tap into the fundamentals of QR codes for our forms forms. 

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Video Credit- Terum Team, Gustavo Garcia, Julia Marhan