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Tugu After Dark

December 6 @ 9:00 pm

Tugu After Dark is UTOPIA Washington’s up and coming Digital Late-Night Talk Show where we spill the tea and get to know some of our amazing QTPI’s, our queer and trans Pacific Islander siblings and cousins!

The concept of Tugu after Dark has its roots deep in the history of late-night gatherings amongst the Fa’afafine community to tell stories and share in their lived experiences. The show is being hosted by Brandon Fuamatu, a male-presenting Fa’afafine learning and exploring his way through culture and art and helping to bring spotlight to our community members and all of the great things they’re doing in life!

A little herstory for the word Tugu. . .

“O le gagana fa’aliliu upu”, which means “The language of reversed words” originated from the Papauta girls college in Samoa. Similar to pig Latin and Polari languages, this form of Samoan dialect was created by the students of Papauta for the sole purpose of secrecy. They wanted to keep administration and faculty from understanding their plans.

Many years later the language was adopted by the Fa’afafine community, and not only have they managed to revive the language, they have also put their signature twist to it. The word “Mouth” is translated as “GUTU” in Samoan, when we reverse the word “gutu” it then becomes “Tugu.” Aside from its literal meaning, tugu signifies the art of conversation and dialogue, because the only way one is able to voice their thoughts is by simply using their…TUGU or mouth.

Join us for our first episode to air on Monday, December 6th, 2021 at 9pm on Facebook and YouTube, with our special guest, QTPI Storyteller, Kiki Rivera!

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