Community & Cultural Organizing

Culture plays an integral role in the way we care for you. Bringing culture into all aspects of our work allows you to feel seen and heard.

Tautua Trans Leadership Cohort

Tautua is a Samoan word that expresses the cultural tradition of service to the family and community. The Tautua Trans Leadership Cohort is comprised of Queer, Trans and Gender Diverse folks throughout the state of Washington. The cohort aims to make leaders out of the QTPI community to assist in the organizations prosperity with programs, outreach, policy and law advocacy and more. Our cohort operates on an annual renewal. If you are interested in joining our upcoming open environment, please reach out to Ara-Lei Yandall at


“Tala” means story and “noa” means to tie or bind. Through Talanoa, we are able to connect our stories and bring together communities for meaningful conversations. Talanoa aims to provide a cultural space to talk about current critical topics in our communities. Occupational Health and Safety of Sex Workers, Understanding Mental Health in our QTPI Communities and Pasifika Cultural Identities are just a few of our past Talanoa events. We invite you to attend our next Talanoa.

ROOTED in Culture

Our mission at UTOPIA is to provide sacred and safe spaces to strengthen the minds and bodies of our QTPI’s/Queer & Trans Pacific Islanders. We look to do so, by Reviving Our Original Ties and Empowering Diaspora (ROOTED) in Culture. ROOTED in Culture is a program designed for under-served youth specifically Queer and Trans Pacific Islander youth ages 6-28. Through this program participants are encouraged to celebrate the pride and passion of Tagata Pasifika heritage through cultural song, dance, and art.  
We recognize that the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander youth in diaspora are culturally disconnected; therefore, it is our goal as an organization to reconnect our youth to the lands of their origin by bridging these cultural gaps and having our youth stay ROOTED.

Malama i ka ʻaina

Mālama i ka ‘āina – To respect and care for the land. This proverb serves an important pillar in the Native Hawaiian culture, and is the exact care we look to model and exemplify through our climate and environmental justice work here at UTOPIA.

Tugu After Dark

Tugu After Dark is UTOPIA Washington’s up and coming Digital Late-Night Talk Show where we spill the tea and get to know some of our amazing QTPI’s, our queer and trans Pacific Islander siblings and cousins! The concept of Tugu after Dark has its roots deep in the history of late-night gatherings amongst the Fa’afafine community to tell stories and share in their lived experiences.  


Aiga & Loved Ones Financial Assistance

The Alofa fund is designed to assist the Samoan Faʻafafine community who have passed on or have lost a loved one. The name of this fund was inspired by the Samoan words “Alofa Tula’i”.   These two words are commonly used when a family displays their generosity through cultural gift exchange. Aiga, means family, and as the chosen family of Samoan Faʻafafine, our goal is to exemplify the very meaning of “Alofa Tula’I” not only through moral support, but by assisting financially in their time of grief.

Looking for support?

Please take a moment to fill out a Support Request Form and a member of our team be in contact.