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MANA speaks to the collective strength that we hold as a people. We utilize MANA or our cultural strength to provide a voice for our diasporic queer and trans pacific islanders that have been culturally deprived and disempowered by systemic oppression and cultural erasure. As stewards of culture we look to reclaim our narratives and bridge generational gaps through programs that offer cultural competency,language revitalization and decolonization practices. 

Mālama i ka ʻAina

Mālama i ka ‘āina – To respect and care for the land. This proverb serves an important pillar in the Native Hawaiian culture, and is the exact care we look to model and exemplify through our climate and environmental justice.


“Tala” means story and “noa” means to tie or bind. Through Talanoa, we are able to connect our stories and bring together communities for meaningful conversations.

ROOTED in Culture

ROOTED in Culture is a program designed to keep diasporic queer trans Pacific Islanders connected to their people and most importantly their culture

MANA Youth Program

MANA’s Youth Program looks to create a safe and sacred healing space for all 2SLGBTQIA+, Queer and Trans Pacific Islander youth, young-adults and their allies (ages 12-24).

Tugu After Dark

Tugu After Dark is UTOPIA Washington’s late night talk show where we spill the tea and get to know some of our amazing QTPI’s!

‘Ala Mai

‘Ala Mai aims to provide a cultural awakening for our diasporic Queer and Trans Pacific Islanders. It also provides community members the opportunity to celebrate their cultural heritage


Aiga & Loved Ones Financial Assistance

The Alofa fund is designed to assist the Samoan Faʻafafine community who have passed on or have lost a loved one.

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