Climate Justice Resources

We encourage our communities, families, and visitors to join us in cultivating pathways together. Here you will find some resources that will help guide you to becoming environmentally sustainable. These are simple tips that will help reduce waste, revitalize a healthy lifestyle and restore what belongs to our earth-bound homes. 


The wastemobile is coming to a city near you! This is an opportunity to dispose of hazardous material properly. Items include aerosols, paints, weed killers, and so much more. These items are very harmful to our environment if not disposed of properly. Check the schedule in the flyers below and drop off your items. Questions?

Recycle? Compost? Waste?

We as individuals and communities are part of the solution. EverGreen recommends that we take time to consider the harm we do when we purchase petroleum-based materials/ objects (processed products from burning fossil fuels). But to invest in eco-friendly materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly and can be compostable. Below you will find helpful graphics when it comes to identifying if your item is recyclable, compostable, or waste.

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Limaʻs Epiphany – Childrenʻs E-book

Lima is a trans woman of color, lived all her life in her native country. She then moved to Washington state so she can advance her skills as a fashion designer. Lima chose to live in Seattle as she was fascinated by the colorful and vibrant culture of its Rainbow community. Despite of the beautiful riches of its diversity and culture, Seattle is faced with the disparities of its growing concern over changing weather patterns, causing a stall in day-to-day activities. This is the reality we all face, the inevitable of a global catastrophic climate outbreak. Our story begins as Lima navigates life in the diaspora. Her struggle and commitment to align her hopes of being a fashion designer and coping with the drastic weather changes, she finds herself in the middle of a battling force between nature and her dream. After exploring and learning about the difficulties navigating with such challenges Lima must race through time to help Seattle become more environmentally sustainable.  

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We are Climate Warriors!

We ask that you take from here and incorporate it to your daily routines. Climate change impacts are occurring rapidly demanding immediate climate action. The EverGreen Initiative recognizes the need to develop an approach that is proactive and can be evaluated to produce results that are adaptive and measurable. Integrating these practices in the daily UTOPIA Washington operations will initiate a sense of ownership and accountability for all of UTOPIA Washington to become better stewards of the land, as climate warriors. Thus enhancing the organization’s ability to be at the forefront of climate justice and assist frontline communities to better adapt and respond to the continued impacts of climate change.