Principled Struggle

We are actively engaging in generative conflict rooted in deep love and care that helps us grow as people together.

Cultural Knowledge

With intersectional, experiential, & cultural knowledge, our communities have the fullest picture of our shared narrative, trust it.


We center the self-determination and agency of community members and community as a whole while taking urgent action.


Sustainability requires connection to community and land. We honor this connection to all life through our cultural practices.

UTOPIA Washington

The Story of Our Logo

The Pu Foafoa, is a shell that acts as an incubator space that protects, shelters, and is ever so ready to cultivate anew as it cycles through future generations. Like the thriving sea mollusks of the Oceania region, the seashell represents safe sanctuary, and the significance of space that cultivates the growth for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community members that can only be achieved by fostering a space of belonging.

The spiral design resembles the mana of the ocean waves, true to its constant shifting nature, represents the transformative power of UTOPIA’s work.


We are actively replacing systems of oppression with ecosystems of care and safety for all our communities through Black and Brown organizing, prioritizing land and bodily autonomy, and reclaiming our cultural narratives.


A world of abundance, autonomy, and harmony, where all forms of supremacy cease to exist for all life.